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160 Million Candidate Profiles

Use the power of the social web with our candidate sourcing tools to find the right candidate for your job requirement

Your key to sourcing candidates, even if you don’t have a dedicated sourcing team. Find every candidate, from passive candidates to active jobseekers and import social contact data directly into your Applicant Tracking System.


Powerful Search Capabilities

Take your search skills to the next level

Which is better: semantic or Boolean? Solve the age-old recruiting question by using both in addition to powerful candidate sourcing tools. Search candidates via any metric you can think of and find the right person for the job, faster than ever.

  • Use Boolean search
  • Get Semantic suggestions
  • Search candidates by skill, keyword, job title or any other metric

One-Click Sharing

Collaborate with your team like never before

Need a second opinion? Want to apply superspeed to your hiring? You need one-click sharing with your hiring team. Show your managers prospective candidates and applicants before you reach out to ensure a seamless and fast candidate experience.
  • Send profile information to requisition inboxes with one click
  • Share with Hiring Managers, other recruiters, or anyone at your organization easily

Email Integration

Easily track outgoing emails and their responses for every candidate

Managing hundreds of candidates is no easy task. Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to keep your communications organized by tracking every email a candidate sees or sends right in their profile.
  • Track both outgoing and incoming emails for Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Candidates
  • Quickly respond to candidates directly from their profile in the ClearCompany Applicant Tracking System
  • Works with any email client

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