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  • Applicant Tracking in the Cloud from ClearCompany HRM

    10 years of Applicant Tracking in the Cloud

    Since 2004, our ground-breaking Applicant Tracking System has helped thousands of HR Professionals and Recruiters attract and hire millions of applicants.

    Recruit how you want, and let ClearCompany do the rest.


  • Paperless Onboarding from ClearCompany HRM

    Onboarding Reinvented

    A truly paperless onboarding system that saves you time and delights new employees.

    From compliance reporting to smart forms and digital signatures, it’s all in the cloud and ready to adapt to your workflow.


  • Performance Management from ClearCompany HRM

    Modern Performance Management

    The only solution designed to manage standard reviews and 360s while collecting continuous performance data.

    Build your own process and get the insights you need in real-time to engage, reward and grow your team without administrative burden.


  • Employee Engagement Talent Alignment Platform from ClearCompany HRM

    One Seamless Talent Alignment Platform

    Effortlessly move your talent from applicant to new hire to top performer and then review everything our Performance module.

    Unlike "all in one" back-office HR, our solutions work together to improve your talent by linking performance back with hiring

The Platform At A Glance

We have the software and support you need to simplify and align your talent management processes

Talent Alignment& The Virtuous Talent Cycle

A Talent Alignment Platform provides a goal-based approach to Talent Management. 

Aligning talent strategy to business strategy ensures the right people hired for the job, they understand and are engaged in their role, and perform to their utmost potential.

Talent Alignment and the Virtuous Talent Cycle

Our Software

The first system that connects strategic goals with talent management tools in real time.

What does this mean?
Our individual modules have an unparalelled range of capabilities on their own ...

... together, they deliver breakthrough insight to:

Monitor and analyze Quality of Hire and Quality of Onboarding

Shorten onboarding time by placing a new hire directly into the goals they will accomplish

Continuously track performance while enabling one heck of a performance review at the end of the year

Utilize information about your best performing employees to acquire better talent

Rockstar Support

The most personalized support out there. Bar none.

Every client gets a dedicated, knowledgable and reliable industry expert.  

Not only will you be on a first name basis, they'll give you their cell phone number, build you a custom report and optimize your marketing mix by noon.

Talent Management Support to Ensure Your Success

Trusted by thousands of HR Professionals and Recruiters across all industries

Talent Management and Alignment Resources from ClearCompany

Become a Talent Alignment Expert!

Boost your Talent Management skills with guides, ebooks, research, toolkits, whitepapers and more from our library.

Who uses ClearCompany?

HR & Recruiting

HR & Recruiting Professionals

Recruit, onboard and appraise your people quickly and easily. Our automated tools will save you time on the administrative tasks, while letting you focus on finding and engaging with the right people.


C-Level & Executive Management

Visualize how your company strategy is unfolding in real-time from hiring to performance. Have the data on-hand to understand your human capital allocation and make precise decisions to stay on-track.



Connect with potential new team members and work with HR & Recruiters to evaluate and hire them. Then, ClearCompany can show you what your team is working on and how they are performing.



ClearCompany connects what you do every day to the company mission and vision. See how your role contributes to the success of the company, and ensure your work gets the right support and recognition.

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We Love Talent Alignment.

At ClearCompany, we believe transparency drives performance. That’s why we are pioneering real-time talent-management tools that work together to align and engage employees, contextualizing their work around a company vision.

Since 2004, our tools have been empowering HR professionals and their management teams by integrating recruiting, onboarding, performance, and goal setting into one interconnected solution.